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    Skull Canyon - display problem



      I recently got the following NUC: NUC6i7KYK2 (Intel Skull Canyon)

      I have installed Windows 10 and it works like a charm.

      Now let's imagine the following scenario:

      While the nuc is running i take out the display port cable then i plug it back in. Well in this scenario the screen remains blank and the only solution to make it to work is either shut down the unit or manually put it to sleep then take it out from sleep.

      Same thing happens if i boot up the unit without display port cable plugged. So if i start the unit without the cable plugged in and then i plug the cable no image appears on monitor.

      It is not a monitor problem because i have tried with a desktop computer and no problem there.

      I dont think it is a software (windows 10) problem because same thing happens if i take out the cable while in bios.

      So, any ideeas how to make it work?

      Thank you.


      PS I have the latest bios installed 041