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    Being a life saver, my 1TB HDD is detected by only Intel RST. What could be wrong then?


      I have a 1TB seagate HDD which isn't detected from a very long time. If I have it connected hile booting, the system never comes up. If I hot plug in BIOS, not detected.
      If I hot plug using Linux, booom. OS is stuck there forever. If I hot plug in Windows, well nothing happens. Only Intel RST identifies the new drive being attached or detached. It is able to show the information, usage, status everything. But I cannot find the drive anywhere else. diskpart, disk management util, sea tools, all these fail to help me.


      Now, since RST is able to identify the drive, can someone tell me what is wrong that nothing else identifies and RST does? is it with the metadata? I cannot find a way to clear the metadata as well.