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    I'd like to open an RMA request, but the Intel Customer Support system is always unavailable


      Good Afternoon,



      I have had this CPU for a year. At first I was running a mild overclock from 3.3 to 4.2, and the voltage was only increased to 1.15V, which is well below the threshold for any damages I assume. One day, my motherboard stopped working, so I had it changed. When I received the new one, I installed the CPU again, and did not bother with overclocking again. However, around a week later, the CPU stopped working. I have tested the CPU in 3 different boards, and they all did not boot.



      The problem is, I have an exhibition coming up soon, one which I helped coordinate, and will be using this PC to show people certain examples of VR and how it can be used in everyday life. I'm still a student and it's quite a big event and I needed my PC for this.



      Could the CPU be replaced? I should not have done any damaging by mishandling/misuse, I consider myself to be experienced since I have built a lot of PCs for friends and so far no one has reported any problems.




      Matthew Bonnici