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    Intel G965 chipset supported 45 nm processors with 1066 MHz FSBs?





      People who know, tell me please, if not difficult.



      I have a motherboard Intel DG965RY board with Intel® G965 Express chipset. Bios version MQ96510J.86A.1761.2009.0326.0001 (the most recent). FSBs 1066 Mhz. On the Intel website it stated that the G965 chipset supports processors up to the E6700, and then xs - http://ark.intel.com/products/27729/Intel-82G965-Graphics-and-Memory-Controller


      Question - where and how to find out, this motherboard with this BIOS will support 45 nm processors  with FSBs 1066 Mhz? Such as the E7600. At E7600 processor FSBs = 1066 Mhz, which hints at a possible processor support from motherboard. But the 45 nm process technology puts everything into question.