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    Hi All, Have G33/G31/G35 chipset update question.  DL all three???


      Hi again, Last April/09 I bought a new comp, HP Pav. Elite m9150f, but right away had the techs change the video card to an ATI Radeon 2600 XT HD from the NForce that was in it.  Everything was fine until a few months ago, shut down after shut down (every fifteen minutes give or take) when I'm play the Sims 3 game I am addicted to.  Windows Update failed three times to update the chipset, then when I looked using the Intel Utility it said that it was not "integrated".  Is this the problem?  ....And if I update directly from the Intel website, do I download all three chipset updates one at a time.  There are separate ones for each G33, G31 and G35, or will I destroy my baby?  Please tell me what to do, plz, plz, plz.