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    Brightness/screen jumping


      When I recently updates my dell XPS 15 9550 driver the screen has been acting very annoying recently. The screen is randomly jumping in brightness and dimming. Its very hard to explain its almost like flashing but the brightness changes and its not a smooth transition it just randomly goes straight to a different brightness. I have adaptive brightness off and when I go to change the brightness it is where I left it. Its like the screen is having dimming issues but somehow stays at the brightness I set it to. Maybe the contrast is changing or something but this has gotten absolutely unbearable it happens 5 times at least in a minute constantly changing brightness or contrast or blinking its hard to describe. There is no physical damage I treat this thing like gold. The drivers will not update either. I have tried to update drivers that say they need to be updated many times and when I check to see if they updated the same driver updates show up like nothing ever happened. all drivers.PNGThese I have tried to update at least 5 times and every time I rescan and check the same updates show up (dells website) yes I do restart my device after every install



      Intel.PNGThis is from an intel scan and the same problem happened where I try to install it and restart and when I rescan the same update shows up like nothing happened.


      Here are my Driver details

      intel 530.PNG

      Yes I have tried updating my graphics card too and it is up to date but I do not think that is the problem since this error started occurring after the intel 530 update



      Please help! this annoyance is becoming unbearable!