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    Which intel SSD to choose...750 or dp3500


      Hello everyone...I ran into a bit of what to choose dillema here. I am in a process of buying new super fast intel SSD for my rig as I want   the most speed for long time to come. I was actualy going to order 750 SSD 400gb yesterday when on the webpage of my local store i found this one :



      It is same cappacity, same interface, same brand...and almost 200 euros cheaper than 750...



      so does anyone knows if there is some hidden trick behind this drive or should I just happily take it as it is almost half ceper than 750 and looks the same and up to specs performs the same. To note I am still on windows 7 wit Z170 rager board from Asus and the drive will store windows, open world games and my photoshop files which I am working on.