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    Do I need C226 Drivers in order to install “SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. SLES 12 sp1 (64-bit)” on  Supermicro X10SAE ?


      Hello Team,


      I was pleased when I noticed in your Product Brief: “Ultra HD Experiences Made Ultra Simple”,


      <https://www.comsoft-direct.fr/assets/Uploads/produits/intel/intel2016/Intel-Media-Server-Studio-2016-090316US.pdf >


      that,(1) under the “Hardware Section” - it mentions, the C226 Chip Set,

      (2) under the “Operating System” - it mentions, SuSE Linux SLES 12

      (3) under the “Known OEM/ODM Functional Platforms” - it mentions Supermicro X10SAE.


      My Computer, comprise:-


      Description: X10SAE Motherboard, MFR Part No: MBD-X10SAE-0

      Revision: 1.01 Manufacturer: SuperMicro

      Serial Number: NM137S003625


      Description: Intel. CoreTM i7 4770K 3.50GHz, MFR Part No: BX80646I74770K

      8MB Cache, LGA1150 Batch No: L317B756 - e4

      Manufacturer: Intel Serial Number: 2W324046A0453


      Description: 4GB 2Rx8 DDR3-1333 ECC DIMM MFR Part No: MEM-DR320L-SL04-EU13

      Quantity: 4 Supplier: SuperMicro


      Supermicro X10SAE motherboard running Intel CoreTM i7 4770K 3.50GHz with 16GB (4 off 4GB DDR –1600 2Rx8 ECC Un- Buffered) and C226 chip set comprise the internal video output. The internal video output to my NEC MultiSync 20WDX2 is outstanding. running Window 7 Ultra and SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. SLED 11 sp 4 (32-bit) - this works extremely well even though SLED 11 (32-bit) is not included on Supermicro's OS Chart !


      As Novell SuSE are no longer supporting SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. (32-bit), I had to purchased, “SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. SLES 12 sp1 (64-bit)”; I down loaded the .iso file, made an installation DVD and checked that the checksum was correct.


      When I tried to install the OS on my fairly new Western Digital 1.0TB Drive [WD1003FBYX],

      I set the language and keyboard for UK, but I couldn't get to the second installation page!

      SLES 12 sp1 (64-bit) is not on the X10SAE Motherboard OS approved list.


      I would like to make two requests, mainly regarding the C226 chipset,


      1) Can you release to me any drivers/information I may need to in order to install and run,

      SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. SLES 12 sp1 (64-bit)”, please.


      2) Can you release to me any drivers/information I may need to in order to install and run,

      Microsoft Windows XP Pro (32-bit)”, please.


      Best regards,