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    Installing the newest Linux cross-toolchain




      I have found a good amount of references on how to install the cross-platform toolchain for Linux.  They all reference an older version of the SDK that was a .zip file.  Now, it seems that the Linux SDK has been updated to be a tar.bz2.


      I have extracted it which creates a folder called i686.  In it, there are a couple files and a single sysroot.  I ran the install script, but, unlike the option descriptions, it didn't prompt me or ask me where to install it.  After looking through the install script, it seems there are a bunch of problems.  For one, the target_sdk_location gets set based on either a default or user directory.  Before it is even used though, it gets set to the working directory... pointless... I started to make modifications to get it to install the way I thought it should but then found someone with an older copy of the zip sdk so I used that. 


      Would be nice to get some info on why that install seems to have A) absolutely no documentation. not even a README B) has install options to choose a directory or at least stick with the default, but gets installed wherever you run the script from.  Overall, it just all seems broken.