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    ITBM Driver Not Available Exiting Application:


      Something has happened to my intel turbo boost 3.0.  It crashed and I can't open it, can't uninstall it and can't reinstall it. When i uninstall the reboot windows message immediately pops up without delay.  I reboot, but nothing at all changes.  I get this message every time i boot up or try to open the turbo boost control panel.  "ITBM Drive Not Available Exiting Application".  This intel FAQ link, specifically shows my error, BUT DOES NOTHING AT ALL to help me fix it!!!! Frequently Asked Questions about Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 When i download the newest driver from intels site it says that my computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements.  It is a brand spanking new 6850k processor and x99 board, so that isn't right.  I have refreshed over and over windows update, it is fully up to date.  Rebooted over and over, same error every time.  I don't even know if i want this software installed if it is this flaky, so can someone at least help me figure out how to uninstall and stop these popups?