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    Completely unisntall chipset


      I have an Nvidia card and the Intel 5500 chip set.  I want to COMPLETELY uninstall the chip set and prevent windows 10 from reacquiring the driver.  I only want to use my Nvidia card.  Every time I uninstall the driver, when I reboot it's back.

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          Al Hill

          The chipset inf is not a driver.  Rather, it defines the names for devices you have, which in turn find the proper driver.  it sounds like you have a desktop with both Intel and NVidia operating concurrently.


          Let's say that you have just uninstalled the  graphics driver.  You can use the WUShowHide https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3073930  to prevent the driver from being re-installed.


          I would also check the bios to see if you can disable the Intel graphics.



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            Intel Corporation
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            Thank you very much to Al Hill for the information posted previously.
            To JoseGreer:
            I hope the information posted above was useful for you, I just wanted to confirm it as correct and by following those instructions you will able to remove the chipset driver.