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    Is this a typo in Edison schematic?


      In Edison_arduino_hvm_8_26.pdf (Schematics for the Intel® Edison Board for Arduino* ), U35 (TXS206-29) is confusing to me


      I can't find info regarding TXS206-29. Is U35 referring to TXS0206 instead of TXS206-29?


      If it is, then


      1) VBATT@ B2, according to TI's documentation (http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/txs0206.pdf ) , should be CD, not VBATT

      2) VCCB@B3 doesn't connect to anything on your schematic, but TI says it should be the B-port supply voltage

      3) WP/CD@A3 should be WP according to TI (but this doesn't cause any problem in the application)


      Can you verify? Thanks!