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    Extreme Tuning Utility not showing advanced tuning


      I have the dz77ga-70k board and i72600-k cpu.

      Intel Extreme Tuning Utility will now show or allow advanced tuning.?????

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          That's correct; if you want the advanced tuning capabilities, you need a 3rd generation Core processor. While the 7 Series boards retained support for using 2nd generation Core processors, their support for overclocking them was limited.




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            can i still use manual tuning within the bios. i have not done a lot of overclocking period and no overclocking on this board as of yet. I had this processor (2600k) in an asus p8p67 board and overclocked with it and was able to get processor to stable 4.6ghz using a water cooling system. . i just recently bought this board. i download the performace tuning guide pdf and have read through it. The guide seems to be written for use with 3rd generation processor, but will i be able to overclock using the second generation (2600k) or will there be issues because of using 2nd gen cpu and 3rd gen board ?


            my overclocking skills are very beginner but i do try to read and/or research before attempting anything. i wish it was as simple as all board overclocked the same but i know thats wishful thinking. i would just like to see what i can get out of my current setup then back it off some to a stable but overclocked setting. am i doing anything that requires me to need more performance that it currently offers?  NO, but its like a buying a sports car and then seeing what i can do to make it faster,,,lol

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              Please bear in mind that Intel does not provide support for overclocking but you can get some
              information about it below:

              Great comment from Scott, thank you.