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    Reg:Flashing of sato and Yocto images


      Hi Everyone,

                               I'm using the source code iot-devkit-yp-poky-edison-20160606 inorder to compile and following the steps

      unzip iot-devkit-yp-poky-edison-20160606.zip

      cd iot-devkit-yp-poky-edison-20160606/poky/

      source oe-init-build-env ../build_edison/

      bitbake edison-image u-boot

      ../poky/meta-intel-edison/utils/flash/postBuild.sh .

      zip -r toFlash.zip toFlash


                     I'm facing the issue while flashing the image,I found the flash file in /core_image_sato/iot-devkit-yp-poky-edison-20160606/poky/meta-intel-edison/utils/Flash/FlashEdison.json and flashed the image using flash-to-lite then its not flashing ,I'm getting the error of Failed to start Dldr state machine aborting....


                I'm not knowing why I'm facing the issue...I'm facing the same issue for both bitbake edison image and bitbake core-image-sato..But I can flash the image by using Make edison-image.




      Any and Every help is appreciated.


      Thanks and Regards,