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    Resolve "efi-capsupdate: unable to load firmware/media/sda/Flash.cap" error on DK100 with Yocto 1.2.x/MI3.1


      Error description

      When customer trying to update the Yocto quark/MI3.1 firmware on DK100, it encounters the below error:

      "efi-capsupdate: unable to load firmware/media/sda/Flash.cap"

      "sh: write error: No such file or directory"



      Follow the below steps in sequence to update the quark firmware.


      1.) modprobe sdhci-pci

           modprobe mmc-block

           modprobe efi_capsule_update

      2.) cd /lib/firmware

      3.) cp /media/sda1/Flash.cap .

      4.) echo -n Flash.cap > /sys/firmware/efi_capsule/capsule_path

      5.) echo 1 > /sys/firmware/efi_capsule/capsule_update

      6.) reboot


      Last Validated Info:

      BSP: Yocto


      Device: DK100