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      cpu appears to be running only 50% is there a
      setting" somewhere i can check? Can half the cpu go bad??

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          may be

          Perhaps  the power-saving features Enable.


          Not Cpu Bad

          if CPU utilization reaches 100%  then will operate maximum Clock...


          If you want to turn off the Power-saving features,

          disable  the  EIST, C1E, SpeedStep technology...

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            TY 4 the suggestions but Enhanced Intel SpeedStep is not applicable here. Plus the windows sidebar indicator is what is showing what looks like only "half" the logical processors is working. I cant find where this may be turned on or at least confirmed.

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              CPU load is variable. So that it can be running at 50% depending on what program is being run. The setting that you can probably change is the speedstep. But I think it is not advisable. You can monitor the cpu by downloading a gadget called systemMonitor.

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                Thanks, appreciate the input. However it appears as though only one of the logical processors is active. I have system monitor but it doesn't help my situation. What I need to know is, if there is an indicator or on/off switch for one of the logical procs to go bad or become inactive. Again ty.

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                  I'm not sure but you can try Sisoft Sandra to test your cpu. Another way is to run several programs at the same time and monitor the temperature of the cores. If the temps changed then probably the cores are alright. It is always an indirect way of testing your cpu unless one is familiar with the cpu indepth and knows hardware programming.

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                    I like this program




                    Just run it after unziping and choose, just stress testing, then go.

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                      For stress testing your cpu, etc you can use Prime95. You can download the latest here (http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/Prime95-Download-76537.html)