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    Need help to connect SD Card and WiFi Module over SDIO in sharing option




      I have started to work on Intel Galileo Gen 2 board and we are planning to create our product based on Intel Quark x1000 SoC as Gateway Product.


      I am thinking to boot firmware from SD card and for that i need SDIO interface. Also, we have requirement to use WiFi+BLE module as well in my product. We have checked both PCIe as well as USB dongle WiFi modules which are not suitable for us due to our total product cost perspective.


      So, We are planning to use Ampak or other modules over SDIO interface but SDIO interface is already used in SD/eMMC card to boot firmware.


      is there any other way to share SDIO interface to use both SD card and WiFi+BLE module on SDIO interface as a chip select option?


      Please provide me any feedback that its possible or not if anyone has any idea or clue for that.




      Ritesh Prajapati