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    msata ssd for cache using irst and primary OS.


      I am replacing a 64GB mSATA drive I am now using as a cache drive for my system HDD with a 1TB mSATA SSD.  I would like to use 64GB of the new mSATA 1TB drive as a cache for an HDD.



      Dell XPS 8500, 12GB ram, i73770 cpu

      Drive 0 will be an mSATA Samsung EVO 1TB.  I plan this to be the primary system drive.  The mSATA slot on the mobo is SATA III, of course.  I am installing Windows 10 Pro Anniversary Update.

      Drive 1 will be a SATA III 7200rpm Western Digital Enterprise drive using a mobo SATA III connection.  I plan a multiboot system and this drive will house a second copy of Windows 10 that I will use in the Insider program.  I would like to accerlerate it with IRST.


      After I install the OS on the mSATA drive can I create a second partition (64GB) and point IRST to that partition and use it to accelerate Drive 1?  The remainder of the SSD would of course be used as a system drive.  Please ask for clarification if I haven't clearly described my goals.  Thank you.