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    ** Intel Centrino Advanced N 6205 slow internet speed **


      Hello -


      My T430s Lenovo Thinkpad consistently taps out around 94-95 mbps (per speedtest.xfinity.com) while 5 other devices (ipad, android phone, iphone, 10 year old HP DV7 laptop and Lenovo Thinkpad W540) consistently test between 160-175 mbps.


      Current driver installed is (4/30/2015), which shows to be the latest available from Intel through website and driver update utility. N mode is enabled. 5.2 is preferred band. Roaming aggressiveness is set to 5 - Highest (have tried all settings, this gives me the best speed). Transmit power is set to 5- Highest. Wireless mode is set to 6 - a/b/g. Obviously not a router issues since my other devices dont have the same problem. The device with an issue and 2 other devices sit in the same room, basically right next to each other. I have also disabled the 2.4 hz band on the router. PC's power settings are set to best performance.


      Any ideas??


      Thanks in advance!