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    How to get sources and compile the latest yocto image


      It has been a while since I worked with the edison. I made some notes about how to get the latest edison source files and compiling the yocto image. However, everything has been changed.


      The latest Board Support Package (BSP) User Guide for Intel® Edison Development...  still says that one has to download the edison-src.tgz but there is no link here:Downloads for Intel® Edison Module | IoT | Intel® Software

      The category Build Your Own Yocto* Poky Image at least sounds like what I am interested in. But this seems just to be a SDK for programming after exectuing the *.sh file? For what is the file iot-devkit-toolchain-linux-64bit-edison-20160606.sh actually used for?


      In short: Where do I get the latest yocto source files to compile the image?! Is there a more detailed description