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    ProSet is a good tool, but it would be great if it had IFTTT capabilities and ...


      ProSet would be a great tool if it had IFTTT capabilities such as disconnecting from wireless if there is a wired connection available.  Another issue is better prioritization of or preferential connection to wireless connections not based on signal strength or intermittent (short) loss of signal.  Maybe someone knows of other tools that can turn off wireless when connected to a wired network, or better prioritize wireless network connections?


      I work in an office with a notebook computer. When I go to a meeting in a conference room or next to another person's desk I'm on wireless.  However, when I return to my desk and use a docking station with a wired network and I have to manually turn off the wireless.   I would prefer this to be automatic.


      The other issue is that we have multiple wireless networks; trusted (for company assets) and untrusted for guests.  Sometimes the connections to the trusted wireless fail or are weaker than the guest wireless so the notebook computer fails over to the untrusted network and I can't get to the Intranet servers.  ProSet seems to jump to the strongest rather than having some "intelligence" about what's the best wireless.