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    Should I buy an i7-4790K over an upcoming Kaby Lake if RAM upgrade will cost me $230?


      I bought 32 GB 1866 HyperX ram earlier this year, it would go to complete waste if I upgraded to DDR4 - I have no use for it and everyone I know runs Macbooks. Within that $230 includes waste for the DDR3 and the cost for getting 16 GB DDR4.


      This CPU needs to last 5 years to justify it's cost, regardless of which one I go with. The 4790K is already going on 3 year old technology whereas Kaby Lake obviously hasn't even been released yet. But the upgrade to Skylake for example is very minimal and I'd assume that from Skylake to Kaby Lake, there wouldn't be some giant leap either.


      Even looking at DDR4 2133 vs DDR3 1866, there's not a huge difference nor will there be a few years down the road. I'm lucky to utilize even half of what I have now.


      At the same token, it bothers me to be buying older technology when I can get the latest and greatest.. but not at the expense of $230.


      Advice would be nice.