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    Increase PWM source current

    Thomas Kirven

      Wondering if it is possible to increase the source current on the Edison's 4 pwm pins. If it makes a difference, I am using the mini breakout board.

      Right now I can get about 6-10 mA from the pwm lines, but was hoping to get up to around 50 mA. I am trying to drive brushless motors via ESC's, but the ESC's don't seem to detect the pwm signal with such a low current. The frequency (50-500 hz) and duty cycle (1-2 ms) are all fine, which leads me to believe the current isn't sufficient to be recognized by the ESC. Basically, I NEED MORE ELECTRONS.


      I suspect I will need to build some kind of circuit with transistors etc, but wanted to make sure there wasn't a simple way to change some internal configuration on the pwm gpio's to source more current.


      I really appreciate any suggestions, or a simple "you need to build an external circuit..". My background is physics and mechanical engineering, but unfortunately not electrical engineering.