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    Q9505 or Q9400 ? Or Q8400 ?


      Hi all, I am about to build a file server, and had costed it with the Q9400 processor.

      But this is out of stock at my distributor for another 2 weeks. The nearest in stock is the Q9505 which seems fairly similar, but a bit more money.

      They do have the Q8400, a fair bit cheaper, but this only has 4 Mb cache as opposed to the 6Mb of the Q9400.

      What do you think ?

      This machine will be used mainly as a file server, holding documents for up to 6 other computers, not all of which will be in use every day.

      We're talking Word, Excel, PDFs, that sort of stuff.

      I also intend to put encryption on the data files, if that's of any relevance.

      There's always the possibility that somebody might want to use "that spare PC" from time to time :-)

      Any thoughts or recommendations ? Thanks.