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    Does a CPU support ECC memory that is compatabile with the LGA771 socket?



            We are curious if any of the cpus for the LGA771 socket support ECC Memory.  We currently have an SR1550 server System with the S5000PAL server board installed.  From Intel's specifications the board and chipset both support ECC memory.  I have checked the specs for all of the cpus with the cpu finder provided by Intel.  We have filtered by LGA771 socket and yes for support of ECC memory and no cpus are found.  The only reason we question this is because in the thread we were reading Intel had displayed the wrong information on the site.  We also are trying to figure out why this field is omitted on some of the processors for this socket.  Prime example is the 5130.  It does not mention if it does or does not support ecc memory.  I think this is the case for 50 percent of the CPUs for this socket.  This could explain why they do not show any CPUs that support ECC memory in the CPU finder.  If that is the case and they actually do support ECC memeory I think that there should be some notation somewhere.  We are actually currently running the 5130 in the server with 8GB of buffered ECC memory and everything is working well.  Os has installed successfully and has continued to run without an issue.   This may solidify our hunch on why they don't show up in the filter. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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          The board you are looking support for has been discontinued for a while already reason why the only source of support we offer is our website:


          To answer your question, the board does not support ECC memory according to the technical product specification page #15.

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            Hello Intel,

                 I'm not sure exactly what you have read but there was no specific disclosure on not supporting ECC memory.  I have come to a different conclusion based on my research and I will leave this here for future reference.  On the S5000PAL board all registers for FB-DIMMs and all RAM associated registers are handled by the embedded Intel S5000P Memory Controller Hub.  This abstracts the Memory handling from the CPU thus giving all memory support to the MCH.  Based on this information I would conclude that any CPU installed on this machine does not need a designation on what memory it supports.  It all comes down to the MCH and what type of memory it supports and based off of intel's specifications the Intel S5000P does support ECC memory.  I have attached a screen shot of Intel's specs on this product.  My thinking and theory could be flawed.  Please do not take any conclusions for fact.  Thank you intel for taking the time to respond to my question.


            PS.  With current processor architecture they have integrated the MCH into the CPU.