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    NUC6i5SYH - No LED light (side/top) is ON while the unit is working. Is this normal?


      I bought a new NUC6i5SYH. Have installed Windows 10 on it and everything is working perfectly well. However, I dont see any LED light (indicating Power On status) - neither on the front panel, nor on the lid. Is this normal?


      Update: Thanks for all your answers. So I shut the NUC and powered it on again. I do see LED light activity on top when the Hard Drive is in action. However the Blue Power LED is still off. I downloaded the detailed manual for the product and I understand there is an option in the BIOS to turn off the Blue light completely. Now I have a peculiar keyboard issue because of which I am unable to enter the BIOS; but is it possible that the option is Turned Off by default? I checked for the BIOS version and it is 42.


      Update 09/07: Thanks lw1948, I did manage to enter BIOS and there is some bad news I guess. In BIOS, the option to turn on the Power LED was ON (to Primary Color i.e. Blue). So then to test, I changed it to Secondary Color (Amber) and restarted the NUC. It worked.. now when powered on, the Power LED glows Amber. So then I went back into BIOS and changed it back to Primary Color (Blue) and no joy! Which means the Blue LED is not working. I have raised a ticket on Intel site but I am in India, not sure how good the support is here. On the other hand, everything else is working well, so if they do call it in for repair, I am not sure if I should send it (I have this feeling that once the box is opened, something else could go wrong). And I doubt for something as small as LED, they will call in a replacement. Not sure what to do!


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