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    Asus ZenBook UX301L Iris Graphics 5100 driver crash under Windows 10




      My Asus ZenBook UX301L with Intel Core i7-4558U processor crash regularily since I installed Windows 10 one year before :

      1) I have Blue Screens of Death (BSOD) with differents reasons

      2) the screen freeze for a short time periods or definitly

      3) frequently after near 10 seconds freeze, Windows notify me he restarted the display driver.

      4) When the computer is in Sleep mode, pressing the ON button seems to start windows back but the screen remains black (Remark the graphic card is configured in BIOS with 128Mo of shared RAM).


      Asus Suggest to use old drivers but this didn't solve the problem for this model.


      Since one year, I downloaded the new drivers on intel.com quite fast after their publication (also trying different old versions).


      The last version reintroduced blue screens (the previous one didn't. Wakeup from sleep mode also worked nice. But the freezes was very frequent).


      It would be very nice if you can check and solve graphic driver compatibility problems on Asus ZenBook UX301L?


      Does anybody have a trick to make Iris Graphics 5100 driver to work on my or similar computer ?