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    igfxEM module taking up lots of CPU


      About a month ago, I found that I could not lower the brightness on my screen. Looking in the Devices Manager, my computer told me that the driver was broken, but offered not solutions. After looking online, I was directed to an HP program that installed three Intel graphics drivers on my machine. The fix worked but only for 2 weeks. The problem returned so I reinstalled those drivers and the problem was fixed.


      Ever since then, there has been an igfxEM module taking up a lot of my CPU. It is slowing down my browsers and other programs on my computer. Could anyone tell me how to solve this or whether this has anything to do with the drivers I installed.


      I'm running Windows 10 November 2015 Update x64, with Intel Celeron CPU N28 @2.16Ghz, and 4 GB of RAM


      Below I've attached two pictures, the first being one of the task manager with the high CPU usage and the second of the driver installed on my machine: