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    Current and upcoming IoT modules (Cat-NB1 and  Cat-M1)


      I'm currently working on my bachelor thesis focussing on evaluating LPWA solutions for smart metering. The primary focus is narrowband IoT (Cat-NB1 or Cat-M2) and secondary LTE-M (Cat-M1).


      GSA published an article mentioning two Intel modules:


      XMM7115 to provide for the first wave of NB IoT demand and

      XMM7315 to support both Cat-NB1 and Cat-M1


      Since no such module ist yet available I am depending on more theoretical data.

      If anybody could provide any information on my following questions, it would be of great help to me.


      Is there any more specific information about release dates of these modules?


      Does anybody know of technical data especially concerning:

           -power consumption (idle, connected, PSM)





      Similar information regarding other modules / (module manufacturers)


      Also of interest is more information on Cat NB1 itself like:

           -overhead when transmitting (telegram structure)

           -attachment procedures

           -regulations on CE (since the repetiotions will play a major role in battery lifetime)

      Accessible test sites/ labs/ equipment, since eNodeB s are currently not able to receive Cat-NB1 (examples like Vodafone Open Lab in Newbury, UK)


      Please feel free to give me whatever comes to mind that roughly fits my topic.


      Thank you for reading so far and lending me your attention.


      Best regards,

      Andreas Volkert