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    How to set the inquiry transmit power level in Bluetooth ?


      Hi, I want to set the Bluetooth inquiry transmit power level in Edison. I tried to use the command: hciconfig hci0 inqtpl [level] but it is not successfull. The result is always: "Inquiry transmit power level: 0".

      This thread also asked this problem but it doesn't solve. https://communities.intel.com/thread/88747


      Someone said that Inquiry Transmit Power Level can only be configured on class 1 devices. Therefore, I wonder that what is the class device of bluetooth broadcom BCM4330 ?


      So, Anyonecan help to set this tpl value and how to check the class device of BCM43340 ?



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          Hello squaredn,
          Unfortunately, changing the transmission power level is still not implemented in the current image (as you can see in the thread you mention above).
          The BCM43340 (by itself) can operate at Bluetooth Class 1 or Class 2 transmitter operation. If you would like the Bluetooth class current on your Edison, you can run the command:
          hciconfig hci0 class
          I hope this helps.