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    Overclocked i7 920 with DX58SO and Win7 Sleep - What a headache!

      This has to be the most annoying PC problem I've ever had.

      And that's saying something.

      I have an i7 920 and a DX58SO board that's overclocked it to a nice stable 3.8ghz. Stress tested fine, temps were perfect.

      Enter Windows 7 Sleep.

      I had made sure my BIOS setting had the S3 enabled (had NO problems coming out of sleep with the stock settings) and left the PC for a while. I then came back expecting the PC to 'wake up'.

      The fans turned on, the lights blinked, but the monitor remained black.


      I reset the PC, thinking that stupid thing froze (in hindsight, I should have waited longer). So now I'm waiting for the motherboard splash screen to show up (DX85SO) and nothing happens.

      Stupid thing won't even post. Just a black screen. I try resetting again, and the PC turns on for about 10 seconds and then turns off. When I was overclocking, the board would at least let me know that it wouldn't post and would allow me back into the BIOS. Not this time.

      I try this again and again and I finally make it to the BIOS setup, but it freezes while IN the BIOS. After clearing the CMOS and moving the motherboard jumpers (which didn't work until the 5'th time), I make my way into the BIOS and reset it back to stock.

      Now it works fine.

      Wakes from sleep, and starts properly.

      My question is, what's up with overclocking and sleep mode? My only theory is that maybe I wasn't giving it enough power to wake up out of sleep mode (1.2 volts on the cpu). What's even more strange is that when I forced the PC to sleep (start button -> sleep), it woke up fine. It wasn't until it slept 'naturally' that it froze.


      Any ideas?

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          Hi, I've a similar problem with a DP55KG + i7 860.

          I've overclocked my pross with 166 blck, 1.35vcore dynamic and turbo on. It's stable.

          But when I try to wake up my pc, it frozes quickly. I was able to check the vcore before it frozes and the vcore seemed to be reset !

          So I guess that's a wrong bios programmation with sleep mode and volatges...

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            I'm having the same issue with my DX58SO.  There appears to be a BIOS bug that resets vcore everytime the computer enters S3 sleep mode.  From what I've noticed, other voltages seem to be retained (qpi, vdimm, etc).  For now, I'd imagine you'll either have to use S1 sleep or overclock your 920 as far as it will go using stock vcore (auto vcore setting).  You may be able to coax a bit more out of your chip at stock vcore by raising vtt (qpi voltage), but it's far from an ideal solution to the problem.  Hopefully they will release a BIOS update that fixes this terribly annoying bug.