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    Nuc5i3RYH  - No 5.1 only Stereo


      Hi All,


      I've read through the fourms (here and elsewhere) and just can't seem to get this working depite various apparent solutions and it's really driving me bonkers! Please help


      I have my nuc (win 10 pro) connected via mini hdmi to the port on my Onkyo TX-SR508, that then connected to my sammy TV, whether using the speaker config and setting to 5.1, using Kodi, wmc etc all I ever get out is 2.1 (left front, right front and sub) rear speakers play through the opposite version of front speakers and center through left fronton test files...


      So before you think I have wired up my amp like a rabid hamster, this is the exact same set up I have used for last two years apart from it's now a NUC rather that my dual core asus mini pc I ditched for this 'upgrade'. I have updated all my drivers from the intel driver management tool, updated bios sepratley to latest version, tried the new beta gfx card drivers (peope with the new i7's were asked to use following similar issues) and lastly tried updating the hdmi 2.0 update but always get a 'product id error, please check your firmware', al to no avail...


      I know my rear speakers are wired correctly as when I re run the audessy tool for my amp they play the test tones fine..


      So my new shiny upgrade for watching my movie catalogue via kodi (or anything on my nuc) is pretty much redundant!


      HDMI cable from nuc to amp is:



      HDMI cables using from amp toTV are (same been using for years):



      Also tried win 7 utimate in desperation (whch took me all night tonight) exact same issue, no 5.1, so 100% sometying to do with nuc/driver combo...


      Hoping you can help, before I throw me and it out of a window


      Many thanks


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          Intel Corporation
          This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

          I will need some information about driver versions you are currently using on this Intel® NUC.
          Please provide the Intel(R) Graphics Driver, BIOS version, operating system version (anniversary version?) and audio driver version.


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            Hi Allan,


            Here you go, current verions although I have tried various combinations, making sure uninstall before installing new drivers.






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              And my playback shown options, yet nothing but 2.1 output :/


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                IntelCorporation Allan come in, are you there in the upside down?

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                  Intel Corporation
                  This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                  Thank you for the information. I have checked specifications for your NUC and the Onkyo TX-SR508, it seems compatibility issue with the multimedia device. 

                  Are you able to test 5.1 audio without the AVR?


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                    Hi Allan, Unfortunately I only have one 5.1 system in my living room that is via my amp, so unable to test without my AVR. What is the compatibility issue between my NUC and the AVR you speak of? IntelCorporation


                    My brother who recommend a NUC to me has the following set up:


                    d34010wyk and Onkyo TX-SR507 AVR, both pieces of kit older than mine yet his has no issue playing 5.1?


                    And are you really inffering that a 5 year old Asus mini PC, which has worked absolutley fine with two AVR's, has superior compatability with AVR's than a £350 Inetl NUC? Come on Allan really, throw me a bone here...

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                      Hello IntelCorporation is anybody there?

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                        Come on IntelCorporation intel_admin 3 days and still no response?


                        Why is my new NUC not compatible with my AVR? Surely a simple question as Allan seems to have allready discovered why judging by his post..


                        Can you also explain if that is the case why older nuc's AVR's work together but my newer set up doesn't? If I go out and purchase a Denon AVR-X2200W can you guarantee me this will work with my new amazing NUC; or should I just go back to my 5 year old PC that never had any otehr compatability issues with third party products?


                        I'l give you till this time tomorrow for a response; 4 days surely is more than enough, if no response I will be dropping Brian.Krzanich@intel.com to see if he can help aid a more speedy resolution..



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                          Hi KartO,

                          I apologize for the delay. There was a US holiday here which may have contributed to the slow response. I've escalated this now so we can get some support for you. Thanks for your inquiry.


                          Mary T.

                          Support Community Manager

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                            Hi Kart0,


                            I read the whole thread but I wasnt able to clearly identify the issue, I see that your system is running latest firmware and software and that the system is exhibiting error message: 'product id error, please check your firmware' when running the hdmi 2.0 update. Are you trying to run the HDMI* 2.0 Firmware Update Tool? Keep in mind that this tool is only applicable for NUC6i7KYK, see the readme notes here: https://downloadmirror.intel.com/26061/eng/NUC6i7KYK%20HDMI%202.0%20Firmware%20update%20Read%20Me.pdf If you are running a different tool that is giving you that error, please reply back with the name and URL.

                            On the other hand, we do have a lot of successful integrations: NUC-Receiver-TVs but can’t ensure that all of the integrations are going to work as expected by customers but we do our best effort to help customers with that. Can you please re-explain the issue and perhaps use the following Surround Sound Formats Chart to identify the configuration you have and formats that you are playing.


                            Ronny G

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                              Intel Corporation
                              This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                              You could also confirm compatibility with third party products at the following link: 


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                                After reading through the forums here and seeing all the issues other people were having with driver/audio related issues on various NUC's I just gave up (especially given the dire support, sorry Ronny G but you arent able to clearly identify the issue I'm having? Sweet hesus, it beggers belief....) NUC returned, Gigabyte Brix bought, straight in, win10 on, voila 5.1, DD 5.1, DTS, DTSHDMA etc etc everything working 100% straight out of the box in Wiindows, libreELEC and via Kodi..!


                                My advice, don't bother wasting a week of your life trying to do Intel's job for them, go with a mini PC/HTPC that's undergone thorough driver/3rd party support testing.. These certainly arent it!

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                                  Hi Kart0,


                                  Please dont take me wrong, I am really trying to help. I understand that the issue is no 5.1 Audio and I also see 'product id error, please check your firmware'.


                                  - Regarding no 5.1 Audio I recommended the following chart: Surround Sound Formats Chart just to understand if there is any surround format associated with set up, which is a very common issue reported by customers. Below is the chart for 5.1 only. I was just trying to clarify the issue. I apologize if I gave the impression of just asking more questions, I dont have an Onkyo TX-SR508 to try to duplicate and these issues are difficult to troubleshoot virtually. 


                                  Dolby Pro Logic II5.1
                                  • 2 discrete, full-bandwidth channels (front left and right)
                                  • 3 matrixed, full-bandwidth channels(center, surround left and right)
                                  • 1 subwoofer channel via Pro Logic II's bass management
                                  • stereo and Dolby Surround-encoded VHS movies and broadcast TV programs
                                  • stereo music
                                  • some video games
                                  Dolby Digitalup to 5.1
                                  • 5 discrete, full-bandwidth channels (front left and right, center, surround left and right)
                                  • 1 discrete LFE channel (subwoofer)
                                  • all DVDs
                                  • some broadcast HDTV
                                  • some satellite and cable TV
                                  • some video games
                                  • 5 discrete, full-bandwidth channels (front left and right, center, surround left and right)
                                  • 1 discrete LFE channel (subwoofer)
                                  • some DVDs are DTS-encoded
                                  • some CDs are DTS-encoded

                                  I also read the manual for the Onkyo TX-SR508: http://filedepot.onkyousa.com/Files/own_manuals/SN29400388_TX-SR508_En_web.pdf, on page #29, did you try the STEREO button <This button selects the Stereo listening mode and All Channel Stereo listening mode>


                                  - On item 2, you reported error: 'product id error, please check your firmware', I am sorry to ask again but is this happening when running: the HDMI* 2.0 Firmware Update Tool? This tool is not supported on Nuc5i3RYH. Please let me know if this is not the case and what tool is generating this issue.


                                  And finally, we do have a list of 3rd party vendor and customer reported devices, here is the URL: Vendor-Tested and Customer-Reported Peripherals for Intel® NUC...  not a very large list for AVRs though.


                                  Multimedia Devices
                                  ActiontecScreenBeam* Mini2 Wireless Display ReceiverSBWD60A01NUC5i5RYH
                                  AVerMediaAVerTV Hybrid Volar* MAX (USB PCTV tuner)MTVHBVMXRDC3217IYE
                                  BenQ3D ProjectorW1070NUC5i3RYH
                                  DenonAV ReceiverX3000NUC5i3RYH
                                  FLIRCUSB Dongle to Universal IR Receiver100013DC3217IYE
                                  HPInfrared Receiver for Media Center5188-1667DCCP847DYE
                                  LogitechHarmony Smart Control Remote and Hub DC3217IYE
                                  Onkyo5.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver/Speaker PackageHT-S3700D54250WYK
                                  Onkyo7.2-Ch Network A/V Receiver with Wi-Fi and BluetoothTX-NR646
                                  SanoxyPC Media Center Remote Control with Infrared USB Receiver DC3217IYE
                                  Yamaha5.1 Channel AV ReceiverRX-V477NUC5i[X]RY[X]
                                  Yamaha7.2 Channel AV ReceiverRX-V577D54250WY[X] / D34010WY[X]



                                  Ronny G

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                                    Intel Corporation
                                    This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                                    Please confirm if you still need help with the Intel(R) NUC?
                                    Were you able to follow rguevara recommendations?



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