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    Unable to receive VLAN tagged packets using 82599ES+SR-IOV with dpdk ixgbevf pmd


      We are trying to get tagged packets to work in SR-IOV mode to with dpdk ixgbevf pmd.  We are using dpdk  2.1 version with an application on KVM.


      The setup is as below:


      Guest VM (Virtual Function/Created tagged kni interfaces)  <--->  KVM host (PF/no tag on the VF)   <--->  Client server


      The same configuration works fine for untagged packets or with pure Linux w/o dpdk.


      But when the packet is tagged (vlan tag/id) the packet is sent from kni interface to the dpdk application,where is it received with the tag and is also sent out to the pmd. But the packets gets dropped as spoofed packet at the host. Neither any tagged packets are coming in from outside to the dpdk application. The ol_flags is set to 0 , also the .hw_vlan_filter and hw_vlan_strip is set to 0 in my dpdk application.


      Any help or insights would be appreciated.