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    Intel i5 2500k 3 active core 1 core failed. Dual channel memory setup failed to post on working non dual channel


      Hi Support Team,


      Recently i encountered the I5 2500k failed to boot windows with only MCE error. Even Linux have kernel panic.


      Once i replaced CPU cooler suspecting the cooling issue could be one of the cause but even though its not as it was stable 40-50 deg.


      But i was seaching for forums and reply and many replied replacing the cpu which is no option for me as i am out of the 3 year std . Even though tuning performance package available i am away from 3 year period.

      I cant get a replacement now.


      When i got the replacement CORSAIR h100i v2 liquid cooler . I tried with 2 cores bang it worked and i restore the windows 10 image and rebooted with 3 cores and bang it worked again.


      Now with 4 core boom its again mce error. so 1 core failed.


      I was troubleshooting while encountererd that 2 of 4 sticks failed


      I test each module to see which will post and 2 post of 4.


      But the memory post dont work in dual channel May be the wrong cas though the freq is 1600mhz. As one is very old and one is 1 year old.


      But is the failed core has anything to do with dual channel operation


      Under what circumstances a memory wont post in dual channel.

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