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    ME could not load its firmware



      we use Mayan City CRB and GRNDCRB1.86B.0051.R02.1507300822_MAYAN_HCLK.bin firmware, downloaded from IBP.

      The problems are:

        1) Me could not load its firmare (We run spsInfo under UEFI and could see the following error code

             "Image Failure - The Intel® ME firmware stored in the system flash is not valid" (error code 3), and current status

             is "Disabled and faiting for timeout ). And, this board shutdown after 30 minutes.

             Is this ME firmware correct for this board ?

        2)  LSPCI utility under Linux Ubuntu 14.04 does not show any device like ME (IME, HECI). Is this due to ME could

             not load its firmware ?