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    Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 constantly loses connection for a split second




      After searching the internet for 3 days straight, trying atleast 100 different solutions, I'll just open a ticket here and hope, somebody has a clue how to solve this problem.


      While I am gaming the adapter, stated above, loses connection for a split second, then reconnects, which is enough to throw me out of the game. It jumps between best signal and no signal, while I am not moving.


      My System:

      Medion ERAZER Notebook

      Windows 10 Home 64 bit

      Intel i7 6500U

      8GB Ram


      What I have tried so far: (Sorry if the words aren't correct, I'm german.)

      • Installing the newest driver
      • reinstalling the driver
      • configuring the adapter settings (HT Mode: VHT / HT / Disabled,  all tested. | Preffer 2,4Ghz, use 20 Mhz, Roaming to low, Transferpower to full...)
      • Turning the Wireless Zero Configuration Service on/off
      • Disabling Bluetooth
      • Resetting the WinSock thing
      • Slamming my head against the wall
      • turning my antivirus off.
      • turning the firewall off.
      • Updating the Chipset drivers
      • Restarting the laptop of course
      • Etc


      It is not the fault of the router / modem / w.e. it is in english. As my mobile phone, aswell as the laptop of my girlfriend are connecting without a problem to it.