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    sc5600 and s5520hc make very loud fan-noise



      I have a s5520hc mainboard in a sc5600BRP case.

      My issue is that the chassis fans are usually and the psu fans always at 100% load and accordingly very loud (CPU fans not because i use passive coolers).

      Im 99% sure that all fan connectors are in the right place for this chassis and this mainboard.

      I have installed the newest firmware update with the settings given for this particular chassis and after that i set the the acoustic-settings to 'pls be quiet!'.

      I tried to control the fans with 'fancontrol' and 'pwmconfig' on my linux install. There it says that there are no pwm-sensors.

      The temperatur of the CPUs are always about 40 degrees.

      What i wrote above hasnt solved the issue.


      Has anyone an idea how to control the fans and is it at all possible to control the PSU fans?

      By the way i have two Intel 750W DPS-750PB PSU's.



      Thanks for your answers.