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    NUC6i7KYK with Asus PQ321Q monitor, windows 10, using mini-display port, no wake from sleep and flickering issues


      I just got the NUC6i7KYK, and I have installed Windows 10 on it.  I am using it with my Asus PQ321Q monitor which uses MST (Multi-stream Transport).  The cable is Display port on the monitor side (no mini-DP is available), and mini-display port on the computer side.


      I have updated to the latest BIOS available on Intel's website. I also update all my drivers using Intel's automatic driver update tool.


      I am having 2 issues:


      1. sometimes the right side of the screen goes blank for a half second and then comes back.  this happens every few minutes.  Turning the monitor on and off seems to resolve it for a while but then it returns.  I suspect this is incompatibility with the MST technology that the monitor uses.

      2. I am unable to get a display when I try to wake the computer. The computer does seem to wake up as evidenced by being able to turn Numlock and Capslock on and off.  Turning the monitor on and off doesn't help.


      I was using the same monitor and cable with my 2013 Mac Pro and had no display problems in either Mac OS or Windows 10 using Bootcamp.


      Is there anything else I can do to fix these issues?



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