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    Nuc6i5syh no display when booting after a few days on displayport




      I have had the same problem  this at 2 different clients with the Nuc6i5syh.


      I have connected the display by the displayport connector this because the cable is more flexible and needed when connecting a 4K display on 60Hz.


      When i have installed the Nuc everything seems to be working without any problem . After a few days when powering up the Nuc the display is not working 'No Signal' message on the display.

      The display have the correct input selected so the display port of the monitor is selected.


      Removing the power cable from the Nuc for +- 30 seconds an power back on will not solve this issue.

      I was not able to get it working again.

      The only solution i have was to connect the display by the HDMI port instead of the Display port.


      I have had this with a display in Full HD (nd with a 4K display so with 2 different displays and 2 different Nuc's when connected by displayport.


      I have changed to HDMI so everything is working again but i want to know why this is happening after a few days ?


      On the Nuc there was on both systems Windows 10 Pro installed.


      So when powering on the Nuc the Intel NUC logo is also not there .


      Any suggestions are welcome.




      Best regards