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    NUC6i7KYK out of the box setup - advices? (Stuck)


      Hallo, I'm waiting for the last pieces to be delivered but my config will be:

      NUC6i7KYK + HyperX Impact HX424S14IBK2/32 RAM (2x16 GB), 2400 MHz, DDR4, CL14 SODIMM, 1.2V, 260-pin

      Samsung 950 PRO SSD m.2 512gb + Samsung 850 EVO SSD m.2 512gb (SATA) (will be delivered later)

      Dell P2415Q-C LCD Monitor 23.8"

      Is there a chance it comes with updated BIOS, given the recent purchase?

      If not, will it be better to update BIOS before installing Windows 10 OS or I can wait after the installation?

      What about other firmware updates? As soon as possible or after the initial set-up?


      Thank you in advance for any useful advice



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          Ran99 ErnieE can advise you; they are certified pros on what to do with NUC6i7KYK.

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            Intel Corporation
            This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

            Hi 3mendo65,
            Intel sells its products through distributors only; so probably your NUC will contain an older BIOS version. You can update the NUC after installing the operating system; however, I recommend you to start with this process.
            -The first step, insert 1 piece of memory and m.2 SSD. Close the chassis.
            -Plug video cable to device and monitor, verify if video input of the monitor is set properly
            -Plug mouse and Keyboard (wired) and power adapter cable.
            -Turn system on and keep tapping F2, NUC will display the visual BIOS. Verify current BIOS version, they are the 4 digits after 86A. Turn the NUC off.
            *It is necessary the second computer to download the latest BIOS files and drivers.
            If your NUC comes with BIOS 35 or older update the BIOS to version 37 first then, jump to the last version 41. Download the .BIO file: KY0037.BIO
            Keep the .BIO file in the root of a USB drive.
            Plug it into any USB port of the NUC, turn the system on and keep tapping F7, the system will give you the option to update the BIOS
            *Let’s begin downloading the main drivers of the NUC, at least we need Chipset and Management Engine plus Wireless or Gigabit Network (LAN) driver. Keep them in a USB drive.
            -Now, we can start with the operating system installation, keep using the same configuration.
            -As soon as you install the OS, install first the Chipset driver then, Management Engine driver. Continue with the internet driver, so you will have this service available and continue with the rest of the drivers.
            If you have a monitor with HDMI 2.0, install the firmware update, from downloadcenter, filter by Firmware. The update will work if the monitor is plugged via HDMI.
            Thunderbolt firmware update requires a device connected via Thunderbolt too.
            After above steps, you can turn the NUC off, plug the rest of the memory sticks then, you can continue with drivers installation and Windows updates.
            Let me know if you need further assistance.
            Mike C

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              Thanks Mike for your time.


              - At first Dell P2415Q-C LCD Monitor couldn't find MDMini Display Port cable -> Connected through HDMI, I'll check later.

              - NUC6i7KYK sees M.2 SSD and Memory Stick

              - Updated BIOS version from 0037 to 0041

              - Started Windows 10 installation, entered Product Key, waited for file preparing but...


              ...when it comes to files copy It can't find the right partition, which are 2 available at the moment:

              Unit 0 - Partition 1 - System reserved (500.0 MB size/ 467,0 MB free)

              Unit 0 - Partition 2 - Primary type (476.4 GB size/ 476.4 GB free)

              the prompt is something (translated) like this:

              Impossible to install Windows on disk. Selected disk uses a MBR partition. In EFI systems it is possible to install on GPT disks only.


              So the Samsung 950 PRO SSD m.2 512gb is not ready (that was unexpected) and I'm stuck at the moment.

              From my little knowledge there's not much I can do about this from the NUC's BIOS management and I can't be sure if it's a faulty one or an easy task to bypass.


              Actually I don't have easy access to other machines, I should take the disk elsewhere and try to ...format or whatever else is needed.

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                When installing Win10 you need to choose Custom install and delete all the partitions on the drive. Then install Win10 in the unused space. Win10 will create all the required partitions automatically. It may convert the partition table to GPT if there are no existing MBR partitions.


                If it still complains about MBR, wipe the SSD by doing a low level format. You dont need to low level format the whole drive, just 1% will be fine.

                Another way is to connect the SSD to another PC using an 'M.2 to USB adapter' and use DiskPart to 'Clean' the drive, which basically removes the partition table and all partitions.

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                  I went through and I'm ashamed looking back at how simple the task was. It was enough to delete the Unit 0 Partition 1 (System reserved) and everything went as expected.

                  Best advice: don't do this kind of things too late at night after a busy day at work.

                  Next time I'm going through drivers and updates, I have to steal time for this installation.

                  Thank you very much for your rational response. You woke me up

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                    Something I learned from building my dream PC with very new MB + Parts USE UEFI/GPT + NTFS to format install media and set up system. The first load I used UEFI+CSM+ default Fat32 (Compatibility for legacy BIOS and MBR) The Boot time was slow the machine ran terrible. Second go round I did the aforementioned and the performance improvement was amazing. Boot time 18 seconds! Personally I feel the boot time could improve but other than that it's a monster. Sadly PC manufacturer's cripple their PC's from the get go by installing lots of "BLOATWARE" and repetitive useless programs which run in the background and steal your resources. Anytime a client buys new computers  the first stop they make is my office for a wipe and reload. 99% of the time I never have to work on that piece again unless the client does something to it! Working with Windows since 3.11 I've learned use as little 3rd party software as possible for maintaining and system functions MS doesn't play nice with others!

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                      Just to add some trouble, once I've added the 2nd RAM stick, the NUC6i7KYK won't even start. Just the fan speeding up and a looping try to start.

                      Trying the faulty module alone on both slots doesn't help. The 1st (working) runs well on both slots.

                      Luckily I choose the right one for the initial set-up, one less headache.

                      I've asked for items substition.

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                        Your module is not faulty: you didnt setup the RST properly in Bios.




                        Once you do this: SAVE CHANGES AND RESTART AND GO BACK INTO BIOS and do this":


                        RAID Setup Procedure for Intel® NUC Kit NUC6i7KYK

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                          Create a Win10 USB Installer with the free MSFT tool.. I believe it was called MEDIA creator.. or something

                          Make a directory on the USB called \intel

                          Get the RST Drivers from INTEL. ****YOU NEED 2: FLOPPY AND WIN10

                          Extract them to the USB\intel


                          go to install win10; then it will tell you it has no idea about the storage volume... show it where the floppy drivers are on the USB \intel

                          you are all set.


                          While you are in BIOS; go ahead and enable XMP for your Ram,

                          Set the fan mode to COOL (Thank 950Pro)

                          Disable all the stuff you dont use: thunderbolt, bluetooth, wifi/lan/NFC



                          ***Go ahead and get all the intel drivers extracted to usb\intel. When windows boots up for the first time; disable Win Defender, copy usb\intel to C:\intel

                          Install Chipset... restart

                          Install Intel RST... RESTART

                          Install LAN/wifi... restart

                          Install Graphics....restart

                          Install ME.... Restart

                          Install Audio... restart

                          Install whatever else you are using... bluetooth. Card reader... etc.

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                            Intel Corporation
                            This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                            Hi All,
                            Let me know if you need further assistance with the 6i7KYK.
                            Mike C

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                              Hallo Mike, thank you for the helpful tips.

                              New RAM modules are working fine

                              In a couple of days I will have the 2nd SSD but I have to say that for the moment everything is going as expected.

                              6i7KYK is really a nice tool


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                                Intel Corporation
                                This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                                Hi 3mendo65,
                                You are welcome, I am glad your 6i7KYK is working properly.
                                Mike C

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                                  Hi OEFVet,

                                  I wanted to say thanks for your helping others on our NUC community! There are way too many inquiries for Intel to handle alone and I love seeing when members help other members. Gold star to you and my personal Thanks!


                                  Mary T.

                                  Support Community Mgr

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                                    I wish you guys would make that driver injection tool I have been asking for; that would solve half the problems here. Intel's driver packages once had command line /extract so we could throw the drivers in the deployment. Now your drivers are locked down in executables. I do not have the skill set to use the free custom deployment tool from Microsoft.


                                    I have been asking since May. I would like to inject RST, Chipset, ME, Audio, Graphics, LAN and WiFi into the Win10 USB installer. I strongly believe you will see inquiries drop significantly if Intel provided an injection tool for the drivers.


                                    Setting up a RAID/JBOD is not an easy task. When this user receives the 2nd M.2 you will see additional posts. When I received my 2nd M.2 I was stuck.

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