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    Intel Graphics HD 4000 Fails After Win 10 Anniversary Upgrade


      Hello folks,


      My Lenovo W530 has both an Intel Graphics HD 4000 as well as a NVidiia Quadro K1000M. Today, after installing the Win 10 Anniversary upgrade, the Intel driver for the integrated card is not working anymore (error 43) and thus I can only work with the external monitor (as the laptop's main display can only be used with the integrated card).


      I have been using Win 10 on this machine for several months and it was all fine up to today.


      Steps I have taken

      - Ran Intel Driver Update Utility; every time it keeps saying integrated card drivers should be updated, I do so, but same driver (4425) is running after reboot

      - Ran Lenovo update tool; it updated a bunch of stuff, including BIOS

      - Tried deleting driver and letting machine reboot; it automatically installs it on reboot,but problem persists

      - tried to start in safe mode, but can't get video signal on either monitor that way


      Running out of ideas here; thoughts? Suggestions?