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    Wifi configuration required after every reboot/shutdown - Please help.


      Hello all,


      I am running my edison on the mini breakout. Firmware version 201606061707 which at the moment is up to date. I am able to connect via a ssh after reboot if I open a serial comm and:


      1) Reconfigure wifi using 'configure_edison --wifi'

      2) Set usb0 down and wlan0 up by


      ifconfig usb0 down

      ifconfig wlan0 down

      ifconfig wlan0 up



      I would like to be able to boot up and get right into the edison using a ssh. Obviously opening up a serial comm each time to set up a ssh defeats the purpose. I should also note that I have made the following changes to the /usr/bin/configure_edison script. I have added a definition for WEP_HEX and allowed WEP passwords be lengths 10 chars as well as 5 and 13. So that would be added lines 87-97 and made changes to the functions configureNetworkAP, configureNetwork, configureHiddenNetwork. https://gist.github.com/sxing/1334eabdf86cd494ab86 adding only the condition of passwords of length 10 which return using the definition WEP_HEX. I suspect there may need to other functions changed in /usr/bin/configure_edison or else where. ALL HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED! THANK YOU!

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          Edison should connect automatically to the host AP. At least my unit does it.

          After you have set wifi SSID and password, the parameters should be stored in  /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf     Have you checked this file?

          Are you saying your Edison does not connect to your AP after reboot?

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            I was continuing to research my issues and plan to take a look at that /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf file I will do so tonight.


            There are a few issues I was hoping to outline. The first is that I was required to amend the /usr/bin/configure_edison file to even be able to connect to a WEP network I use that has a password 10 characters. The changes I made are outlined in the first post. When I reboot and try to access this network I need to run configure_edison --wifi again and it connects. I can then ssh if I put usb0 down. Now, when I configure for a WPA network which requires 8<password<64 characters. My wifi setting persist after reboot. Although I still need to put usb0 down.


            So my thoughts are, my changes to the configure_edison file to allow 10 char passwords was incomplete and else where I may need to invoke my WEP_HEX deifnition in /usr/bin/configure_edison. I am also thinking that the issue could be elsewhere as this password being hexadecimal may be still an issue if the edison doesnt connect to wifi directly through the configure_edison file.


            So for the usb0 I have seen some commands to disable which I will probably use or write something on boot up. If there is a more proper way I would be glad to hear it. I would also like to understand where the edison is getting caught up trying to connect to my WEP network. If /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf is that file I will be giving @if his credit. THANK YOU AGAIN!

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              Hello james.w.spears,
              I have experienced the behavior you mention before. I flashed my board again to the latest image and this removed this behavior. Could you please try this?
              Also, did the behavior started after you modified configure_edison? Or did it started before? If it started after the modifications, could you please try to modify it back to its original state and check if this changes the behavior?
              Let me know how it goes.

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                Hello Peter,


                In short the problem remains. After a flash using the latest version:

                root@thomas:~# cat /etc/version



                I am not able to reproduce the issues when attempting to connect to the WEP network that has a hexadecimal password of 10 chars simply because I am no longer physically there. However a quick look at /usr/bin/configure_edison and that script has returned to its original, my changes have presumably been overwritten with the last flash. Ill deal with that the next time I need to connect to the WEP network.


                Upon inspecting /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf I have found all settings in order. I am starting to believe connecting edison to wifi is not the issue. Upon reboot and running ifconfig I see wlan0 assigned an ip address which remains after I run ifconfig usb0 down and then retry ssh root@ which works. I have attempted to change usb0 default ip to different subnet ex. and this did not resolve the issue.


                Still having to ifconfig usb0 down to ssh. What can I try? ANY AND ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED!

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                  I agree, that it is more likely a networking issue. wifi subnetwork address used to collide with the original usb0 for sure. But if you changed the usb0 subnet address, it should be OK now.

                  It is a bit vague, what is the latest setup? Do you have a fresh image? Do you use the original configure_edison, or the modified one now?

                  What is the output of ifconfig after a reboot (in a faulty situation, with usb0 up)?


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                    My apologies if this thread has become unclear. To clearify:


                    1) the edison was reflashed to latest firmware version 201606061707. Inspecting /usr/bin/configure_edison I can verify any changes I had previously made have been lost. The file has been overwritten with deafault /usr/bin/configure_edison after the latest flash.


                    2) Changed the subnet of usb0 from to Upon reboot running ifconfig reflects the new subnet where usb0 ip is Although this alone did not solve the issue. I followed the advice of another thread to write a shell script and define a service that puts usb0 down. Oddly enough running ifconfig still shows usb0 up but wifi persists and I can ssh without first connecting to serial.


                    The functionality is all there although I have no better understanding of what was wrong in the first place. Im going to continue on and waste no more time with these issues until they present themselves again. THANK YOU TO ALL FOR THE HELP!

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                      Glad to hear you can proceed.

                      One more note: ssh on wifi is only disabled if you define a password with configure_edison --password. (The unix passwd command is not enough.)

                      I don't know if you have done it. If you have some time, it would be interesting to know if it helps - though it does not explain how usb0 down solves this issue.

                      But of course, the highest priority is work .