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    NUC5i7 : does the existing M.2 (Key M) supports PCIex4 ?


      Hello Everybody,


      A small question regarding the existing m.2 slot on the NUC5i7.

      The m.2 is from type Key M (SSD reserved).


      Intel mentionned in the technical product spec that it supports PCIex4 and SATA.

      Can I use this m.2 slot to  connect other Interfaces ?Let's say I make my own PCB (that fit on the m.2) and use PCIe x1 for a LAN connection, and connect the 3 other lanes (PCIex3) to USB 3.0.

      I would then use the SATA interface (given by the m.2)  which I would connect to a m.2.


      In other works, can I use the the PCIex4 and SATA interface (from the m.2) at the same time to extend to other interfaces ?


      I've read that m.2 Key M are only reserved for SSDs. Is this true ? Does it mean I can't use the 4 lanes of the PCIe to connect to USB 3.0, LAN (whatever) and at the same time connect the SATA interface pins to (for example) another m.2 ?

      Can I do something like that or an m.2 SSD will support either SATA or PCIe ?


      Thank you for the advices...






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