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    Booting an M.2 SSD with DZ68BC (or similar SB-era boards)


      OK, so I'm thinking of upgrading from a SATA SSD to an M.2.  I quickly realized that NVMe was definitely out because the DZ's firmware doesn't support it (there are BIOS hacks for such things, but not really for Intel boards).


      Then I saw that there are some AHCI-based models, like the Samsung SM951 (note: they also make an NVMe version of this), that would work--with the aid of an M.2 adapter board (just to pick one out of the air), like the Lycom DT-120.


      But then I realized that the DZ BIOS has to be able to boot from PCIe devices. The technical manual for the DZ was no help, because in 2012 I'm quite sure no one was booting from PCIe devices, but that doesn't mean necessarily that it wouldn't work.


      Maybe it will. Or maybe the M.2 adapter usurps the system BIOS with its own (much like IDE boards back in the '90's did) and makes system BIOS support for booting from PCIe irrelevant.


      Does anyone have experience with this board with M.2's, or at least the Sandy Bridge boards in general?