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    Intel 750 : high read latency




      I am using a 400gb Intel 750 (pcie card) on a Z97 board.

      Using AS SSD, I find that the read latency is about 4 times higher than what I see from reviews (0.08ms vs 0.02ms). The write latency is ok. The 0.02ms seems in line with the specs of the drive, so it appears that my system is slow.




      I tried moving to the CPU lanes to see if that was a factor. As expected, I got a nice boost in seq read, but no change in latency :




      Example from the web (Google image search for "intel 750 asssd") :





      Any idea of what I should look for to obtain "normal" read latencies ? I tried disabling real-time protection in Windows Defender, but no change there.


      Platform :

      Windows 10 AU

      NVME driver 1.7

      Intel 4790k

      16 Gb RAM

      Maximus VII Hero (Z97)

      Intel 750 400Gb