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    Where can I find a User's Guide for the ICH10R?


      I hope there is an Intel guide on the ICH10R that describes things like:

      1. How to recover from an ICH10R (i.e., chipset failure) failure?

      2. If two drives fail at once, more likely a software failure. How to diagnose?

      3. What does "Failed raid volume detected. recover volume?" mean, what will happen if I poke 'Y'?


      Where is the official Intel User Guide for this?

      Is it maybe available under some other name?


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          I dont think you have information regarding the chipset failure.


          Anyway here is the datasheet for the ICH10R, it is also known as Intel® 82801JR I/O Controller Hub (ICH10R).



          Now regarding RAID, you will find most of the information from the link below, the datasheet, FAQs, Installation tips etc. are also available.



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