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    i7-6700k computer won't boot (BSOD)




      Here's the built of my PC


      Intel i7 6700k with (hyper 212 cooler)

      Asus Z170-a Motherboard

      SSD Samsung EVO 850 (500 gb)

      2 x DDR4 8gb Corsair 

      Ati R390x  8gb videocard 

      Powersupply 800w         


      I installed everything and did my Windows 10 installation, everything was fine till I started the driver update on my video card ...


      My computer crashed and got a BSOD with this message: page_fault_in_nonpaged_area


      and: irql_not_less_or_equal


      Never had the chance to access my SSD or reinstalling Windows 10


      So I returned the motherboard for a rempacement and change the ram for GSKILL, I tried another Powersupply and other SSD.


      Did the test without my Video card and using the one on board.


      Still having the same problem with the same messages.


      The only thing I didn't change is the processor, in the Bios it's detected but even that, is it possible that my CPU is malfunctioning ?