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    Intel Core i5-6500, 3.2GHz BOX




      I am wondering what should I do when my processor doesn't work. I have this mobo MSI B150 PC MATE that gives me the information that my CPU doesn't work properly. The PC starts normally but my screen doesn't show anything. At the beginning I thought that the graphic card or monitor is the issue but I checked this and unfortunately its not the case.

      And here comes my question. I live in Poland and I have no idea what should I do with this. I read somewhere that Intel doesn't run technical support in my country. And because its still on warranty I want to send it to Intel. In the shop where I bought my PC they gave me the document informing that some parts are on shop's warranty and some on producer's. Does anybody can help me and tell my what should I do? I can't even contact support because it doesn't exist in my country.

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          Hello, Dioo:


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          Intel does provide support for Poland, if you would like to get more troubleshooting I can go ahead and take ownership of your case; however, if you would like to check the replacement options for your processor please follow the next instructions;

          1. Access Contact Support.
          2. Go to Intel® Processors.
          3. You can choose the Online Service Request or Live Chat option. If you choose Live Chat option just make sure that you are contacting within business hours.
          4. Once you contacted us via one those options your case will be routed to the proper team based on your location.