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    i5-6300HQ crash - "Kernel-Processor-Power" issue


      Hello. I'm not sure to be in the right forum, sorry if i'm not.


      I posted everywhere on the Internet, and still haven't found an answer to my problem.

      To make it quick : I bought a semi-gaming laptop, since day 1 I get random crash/freez while playing games (that my laptop is supposed to support). Specs below.


      After troubleshooting everything I could by myself, (at first I thought it was drivers, then issues with the GPU etc..) but in the end 2 issues remain, and I think my crash problem could come from that.


      First possible issue : I can't perform a full memory test using Windows tool and Memtest86, it just stucks. But other than that I didn't notice any issue with the RAM use. (I'm planning on testing each RAM separately soon)

      Second more possible issue : I noticed after few months of searching, that everytime before my PC crash I get some Warnings/Errors/Criticals events in Windows log event.


      The one that bugs me the most is "The speed of processor 0 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 71 seconds since the last report" that happens 4 times in a row, one for each core. Then come Errors, then Critical.


      I don't think it is an overheat issue, after monitoring my components' temperatures in idle/stress mode, it never goes up to 80°c for every component which seems correct.

      When I play i'm on High Performance mode, and I use airflow below laptop.


      I performed several clean install of Windows, and all the drivers installed are the ones provided by Acer's website for my laptop. I did not install any other drivers, and Windows Update is disabled.

      I updated my BIOS to the latest version.


      The crash seem very random : I can play all day on Ultra graphics without problem, then later I play 20mins on Ultra and it crashes. Crashes also happen on High/Medium and even Low graphics sometimes.


      Edit : If this can be of any use - One or two times, I also had freeze while using the BIOS.




      The CPU's speed when playing is around 3-3.20GHz if i'm not wrong.


      Here are more infos that could be useful, that I unfortunately don't understand.



      I would like to test everything before returning my laptop to warranty. I doubt that it is an hardware issue. Also since my laptop is also my work tool, I'd like to avoid warranty return.


      If anyone's has an idea.. I can provide any informations needed and perform every test needed.


      Maybe a little bit more infos on this thread : Acer VN7-792G crash/freeze - Acer Community - 446694