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    DCS World from Eagle Dynamics does not render textures in HD 520 on Surface Pro 4


      For some reason, the simulator made by Eagle Dynamics called DCS World 1.5.4 and DCS World 2.0 is not rendering any texture during a running simulation.

      The simulation runs, but just no texture seems to be loaded or to be rendered. Don't know why and don't know if this is a GPU problem.


      For clarity, i have added a picture that shows an airplane, but completely black, the air is black too, but clouds are rendered, and no ground textures...


      This simulator runs perfectly on NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. For this test, i had configured all the settings on low, meaning, consume less memory, less complexity, no after processing etc.


      Would appreciate if somebody from intel could have a look at this problem.

      You can download DCS World for free from this web site:




      Download DCS world 1.5.4, install it, and just run a test mission.

      If you run the mission using an NVIDIA GPU, you'll see the graphics, but when you run on an intel HD 5xx architecture, the simulation runs, there are graphics, but no textures.




      thanks in advance,


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